Torch Energy Royalty Trust

Torch Energy Royalty Trust (“Trust”) is a grantor trust which provides unit holders with quarterly cash distributions from a 95% net profits interest (“Net Profits Interest”) in proved developed oil and gas properties in Texas, Alabama and Louisiana. The Trust was formed effective October 1, 1993 under the Delaware Business Trust Act pursuant to a trust agreement among Wilmington Trust Company as trustee for the Trust (“Trustee”), Torch Royalty Company (“TRC”), Velasco Gas Company, Ltd. (“Velasco”) and Torch Energy Advisors Incorporated (“TEAI”) as grantor. TRC and Velasco created a Net Profits Interest which burdens certain oil and gas properties (“Underlying Properties”), and conveyed such interest to TEAI. TEAI conveyed the Net Profits Interest to the Trust in exchange for an aggregate of 8.6 million units of beneficial interest (“Units”). Such Units were sold to the public through various underwriters in November 1993. The Units of the Trust are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TRU.

The Underlying Properties constitute working interests in the Chalkley field in Louisiana, the Robinsons’ Bend field in the Black Warrior Basin in Alabama, fields that produce from the Cotton Valley formations in Texas and fields that produce from the Austin Chalk formation in Texas.

On January 29, 2008, holders of more than 66 2/3% of the outstanding units of beneficial interest in the Trust affirmatively voted for a proposal to terminate the Trust in accordance with the terms and provisions of the Trust Agreement. Accordingly, the Trust is currently in the wind up and liquidation process.